BaseCamp Interactive, Inc., is a real corporation with virtual project teams located mostly in the Pacific Northwest, but we work with the best talent wherever it may be. We do business as a core team, and a network of select experts that come together dynamically, to work on projects as the expertise is needed. Other than the usual e-mail, and occasional face-to-face meetings, BaseCamp teams mostly "meet" on our project site, a secure extranet that allows you, our client, along with the team, to see exactly where we stand at any point in the project. Occasionally, we will set up a web conference or white board session while viewing the project site. It is up to our project manager to maintain the project site. Through this site and your contact with our project manager, we provide the most efficient way to complete your project.

This is extremely effective in that people work much more efficiently in their own environments, not distracted by others, or by endless face-to-face meetings they don't need to attend. In addition, they use their own well-equipped and familiar studios and resources for production.

Our motto is, "Move bits, not people!" This mode of business uses resources most efficiently, which saves our clients money, and keeps our team happy, productive, creative, and motivated. Should you need work completed on-site for a short-term assignment, we can occasionally accommodate you, but we are not a body shop.