We start with a core team consisting of your in-house Project Leader, and our Project Manager and Creative Director, our technical / management and creative team leaders respectively. They can help you to integrate your site planning into your overall strategic and marketing plans, and plan from the ground floor for top web site ranking and ROI. They also, with the aid of our client survey, help you to define and develop a concept for your site that will be the cornerstone of your compelling content.

The core team brings their experience together, by providing processes, templates, proprietary tools, and reusable components, to create efficiencies in their technical and creative leadership roles respectively. Later, after complete planning—and depending on the size of the project—the core team selects the most appropriate specialists needed to produce each intricate detail of your Web site. These specialists, like the core team leaders, are dedicated professionals, with fully equipped studios as necessary for their crafts. Together our capabilities include:

Project management (agile scrum and traditional), Web strategy, consulting and planning, HTML5, CSS3/SASS/Compass, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP5, ExpressionEngine, Wordpress, MySQL, relational database design, mobile-first responsive design, content strategy and management, copy writing, graphic production, screencasting, digital slide show production, audio/video editing and compression, Flash implementation, intranets, extranets, e-commerce, and more. We collaborate with visual designers for graphic development and UI/UX design. Contact us about specifics for your project.

Perhaps the most important skill of all, is the ability to creatively solve problems, because there is no such thing as a cookie cutter climb, or interactive project.