Deployment is the final phase and includes the ultimate summit milestone, "project complete". It involves propagating the files to the proper live domain, and marketing the site. Marketing plans will definitely have been made far in advance of this, but they will be executed as part of a successful launch.

Marketing involves things such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click programs, link development, newsletter development, affiliate initiatives, and other tasks that make up a complete performance marketing site. This is an effort at launch, but make no mistake, it is an on-going effort. BaseCamp employs some of the best Web analytics software available, Clicktracks, for optimizing your site's return-on-investment with measurable results. Many clients hire us for our site marketing expertise alone, but one-stop convenience for both development and marketing is a bonus.

The milestone "project complete" is a bit of a misnomer, in that in most cases, a Web site is never truly finished. Content must be kept fresh on an ongoing basis in order to draw return traffic, likewise Web traffic optimization must continue with regularity. With this in mind, we can either discuss a maintenance schedule, or train your staff to maintain the site. Generally however, trying to train you to do someone else's job ends up costing more, often in hidden ways.

Every completed project should include a critique, especially amongst the development team, where frank project analysis is transformed into action items for future projects, resulting in ongoing long-term process and quality optimization.