Step 2:
BaseCamp builds the right team.

The quality of a concept, and the technical excellence of its execution are the foundation of compelling interactive Web sites. These diverse skills take many individuals time to develop, through much varied digital terrain.

At BaseCamp Interactive, we don't hire a large staff of generalists and plug them into a project whether or not their skills fit your project. And we don't build large overhead into our fees either—we stay lean. Instead, we maintain contact with experts far and wide, and bring them together virtually for each project. We try always to work with people with whom we've previously teamed, so as to know their skills first-hand. Once the team has formed, planning begins. We optimize the balance of cost, quality, speed, and scope to target the sweet spots known as value and success, defined differently by each client.

Your BaseCamp Interactive team adapts to your needs. We can manage, design and produce your entire site, or provide only specific programming or media production services. Our flexibility in developing your project ensures that you get and pay for only the specific resources you need.