Step 3:
The real work begins.

It all starts at BaseCamp with a concept, and a plan to execute that concept. This requires a very solid definition of the project goals, the audience it must address, and the messages and company image that must be communicated. The project must be envisioned within the constraints of the time and budget available to create it, and the key technical features envisioned must be scrutinized and tested for feasibility.

After the project is firmly defined and feasibility confirmed, a framework is applied for a smooth and organized work flow. Here, our use of established methods and systems can dramatically increase the productivity of the project and ensure its success.

With the completion of the Concept and Planning Phase, we have a 10,000 foot blueprint, and we are ready to begin the climb toward our ultimate destination. Our ascent requires passing through four more distinct phases, much like intermediate climbing camps. Please follow the buttons to learn more about these phases, beginning with Design, and ending with Deployment, just before "project complete", our ultimate summit.