This section of our site allows us to put down the crampons and ice axes and utilize playful, experimental, challenging, and leading-edge designs and technology that are not yet mainstream, generally because they tend to exclude part of an audience. We use this area to test uncharted territory, and develop our own skills and insights in doing so.

For that reason, each subsection of the Extreme area, will let you know what gear you need to experience that content. However, because it is "R & D", you will likely encounter a few problems, and we would appreciate any feedback concerning those problems.

"Same Sun, Same Moon", BaseCamp's ongoing pet project, is a travel discovery zone, presented by the principals of BaseCamp Interactive. This section will focus on pushing Dynamic HTML and Macromedia Flash features to their limits, or using techniques that require greater than average bandwidth and processing power. The Edge will be a truly experimental area for stretching ourselves in many areas.